ZonuSkyshot GPS Tester

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ZonuSkyshot GPS Tester


The ZonuSkyShot GPS Tester is a compact GPS receiver which detects the presence of a GPS signal and reports and indicated this at a front panel LED. Furthermore this GPS receiver can be accessed at the USB port on the Base Unit allowing the user to see the available satellites using the app providing with the system and available at the Optical Zonu website. The receiver can simultaneously track up to 16 satellites while searching for new ones. An example is shown on the right. This feature permits verifying the OZC Fiber at the Edge connection independent of any other equipment.

Simply connect the ZonuSkyShot to any RF output of an Optical Zonu GPS Fiber transport, GPS at the Edge or GPS Over Fiber with a short SMA RF jumper. The unit can be plugged into a AC power with the AC adaptor included. If the GPS signal is being received, the front panel LED will blink green.

For more detail, a laptop connect a laptop to the unit via the mini USB port. With the software included in the kit, the constellation and monitoring and alarming functionality with minimum complexity.

  • RF GPS Signal presence
  • GPS Antenna Functionality
  • Optical Transmitter functionality
  • Fiber Connectivity
  • Optical Receiver Funtionality